We also manufacture SS 316-Ti hose. Our manufacturing range is from 6MM NB to 200 MM NB. Stainless Steel AISI 304, 316, 316-L and 321 grades are used in the production of metallic flexible hoses in conformation to International quality standards. Based on BS 6501 (Part-1) and as per type A, B and C flexibility, our SS corrugated flexible hoses are produced.

We have a well-established technical support at our production units. The hoses produced by our company have the flexibility to carry liquified gases, chemical or petroleum products, super-heated steam and yet absorb vibration and can protect against fire hazards. An easy to install stainless steel flexible hose eradicates many problems or need for intricate pipework. Our production offers the ideal solution to liquid and gas handling industries.

Quality Control & Assurance

Professionals also inspect all raw material used in the assemblies of hoses, braiding and end-connections. The in-house testing facilities allow to conduct several tests on the produced range and make sure the products are in accordance to the International Standards. We regularly conduct the following tests:
  • Burst pressure / yield test
  • Bend radius test
  • Flame test

On every single hose assembly, our professionals perform a hydraulic test  at 1.5 times working pressure. Pneumatic testing is done whenever our professionals feel essential.

The commitment of each department to quality has produced a management system fully accredited to the global quality standards. From the time incoming raw materials arrive, quality assurance tests are carried out. These tests are done at various stages of production, until the time products get dispatched as per set specifications. The entire unit of production has enabled the company to establish a globally recognized distinct identity for its products.